Monday, August 13, 2007

Aussie Hundreds march to protest gay marriage ban

Hundreds march to protest gay marriage ban
August 12, 2007 04:28pm
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HUNDREDS of people marched on Sydney's Town Hall today calling for the Federal Government to legalise same-sex marriages.

Greens senator Kerry Nettle said today's rally, which began at Taylor Square in Sydney's east, marked three years since the Howard government decided against legalising gay marriages.

A colourful, noisy crowd marched down Oxford Street after Senator Nettle condemned the Federal Government's proposal to ban gay couples from adopting children from overseas.

"We saw the ban on same sex marriage happen just before the federal election and three years later we hear the Prime Minister talking about trying to impose a ban on same sex adoptions from overseas, just before a federal election,'' Senator Nettle told the rally.

"It's a clear pattern about the Prime Minister trying to garner votes from the conservative religious fundamentalists within the community and in doing so seeking to scapegoat a particular section within out community.''

The Senate chamber was a "horrendous place to be'' when the government passed legislation banning gay marriage three years ago, Senator Nettle said.

''(We heard) really hateful and archaic attitudes being put forward from MPs from across the political spectrum.''

Five countries had already passed laws guaranteeing people's right to marriage, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity, Senator Nettle said.

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