Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama on Gay Marriage

GayCityNews - Obama on Gay Marriage
Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama told a rally in Medford, Oregon,on March 22, of his frustration over wedge issues that come around every four years to distract from the core problems of the nation. He said, "The planet is, you know, potentially being destroyed. We've got a war that is bankrupting us. And we're going to argue about gay marriage? I mean, that doesn't make any sense."

Obama supports full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, while New York Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton advocates getting rid of only the section denying federal recognition to legal same-sex marriages. She would keep the part that lets states decide on whether to recognize gay marriages from other jurisdictions, arguing that upholding that provision will forestall the push for a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Arizona Republican Senator John McCain voted for DOMA, supported an unsuccessful Arizona amendment against same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships, and has to date opposed the federal marriage amendment, but said he might change his view if it became necessary-for example, if DOMA were repealed.

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