Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love and Pride Collection Donates 100% of Proceeds to Same-Sex Marriage Fight

Love and Pride Collection Donates 100% of Proceeds to Same-Sex Marriage Fight

100% of Net Proceeds Donated to Lambda Legal to Fight for Marriage Equality

After California’s Proposition 8 Vote

NEW YORK, NY, December 8, 2008, 11:38AM — In the aftermath of California’s vote on Proposition 8, Love and Pride – the premier online jewelry destination for people who believe in diversity, equality and tolerance – is putting its wallet where its heart is by raising money – and awareness of a powerful number: 1,138. That’s the number of federal marriage rights and protections that are denied to same-sex couples – and the name of the jewelry line designed to create change in the national dialogue on the right of all loving couples to marry.

“I am a jewelry activist. I express my dreams and my beliefs through my designs,” said Udi Behr, creator of the Collection. “I design jewelry for people who want to make a fashion and social statement – and 1138 is the statement to make when it comes to marriage equality.”

At last count, the United States General Accounting Office reported 1,138 federal marriage rights, protections and benefits. These range from tax credits and use of the Family and Medical Leave Act to Social Security and immigration rights.

“When you tell someone there are more than a thousand rights married couples receive that their lesbian and gay daughters, sons, family and friends do not, it creates the kind of ‘a-ha’ moment that can change hearts and minds,” Behr continued. “And while we’ve made progress since Proposition 6 during the inspirational days of Harvey Milk, given the recent vote on Prop 8 in California, we still have a lot of hearts and minds to change.”

The 1138 Collection, available exclusively at, includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women and men featuring the number 1138 in every design.

100% of the net proceeds from every purchase

will be donated to Lambda Legal, a legal advocacy

organization working towards marriage equality.

Behr concluded, “The 1138 Collection is designed to get people talking. When you wear the number, you start a conversation.”

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