Monday, April 13, 2009

Dabble Post: NOM Panics, Tries To Suppress Anti-Gay Audition Tapes

Dabble Post: NOM Panics, Tries To Suppress Anti-Gay Audition Tapes

Saturday, April 11, 2009
NOM Panics, Tries To Suppress Anti-Gay Audition Tapes
The National Organization for Marriage has a new mission. Not only are they intent on protecting marriage from the devious homosexuals, but now they're also intent on suppressing the leaked auditions footage from their Gathering Storm ad.

NOM has been on a Youtube hustle, claiming copyright infringement wherever footage of their auditions appear. This includes an excellent montage from the auditions reel that Rachel Maddow covered on her Ms. Information segment. Also, many parodies of the ad itself have been cut from the site.

This is all too ironic for an organization that cries foul when 'sneaky gays' and 'activist judges' go behind the people's backs in order to further their 'wicked, anti-Christian agenda'. But it's also deliciously satisfying... it means that NOM is in a panic and that they are so nervous about people seeing the audition tapes that they calculated that it would be more risky for them to remain up than it would be for them to look like they had something to hide by forcing them off Youtube.

"But, we have hope..."

And even more good news! In this digital age, once footage has been leaked, there's no going back. Youtubers have been uploading the audition videos as soon as they're taken down, so even though links to the auditions might expire in a day or so as the footage is removed, a simple Youtube search should reveal a freshly uploaded video for your viewing pleasure.

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