Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New England's largest GLBT newspaper

Bay Windows - New England's largest GLBT newspaper: "New Hampshire House balks on marriage equality bill
by Lisa Keen
contributing writer
Wednesday May 20, 2009

The New Hampshire Senate passed it, the governor was standing by to sign it, and many expected approval of a final same-sex marriage bill in the House today could be swift and routine.

But in a surprise turnabout, the New Hampshire House voted narrowly Wednesday afternoon to defeat the measure, 186 to 188.

When the House Speaker announced the vote in the House, the chamber erupted with sounds of both distress and applause. Supporters and opponents then launched immediate efforts to both save and kill the measure for this legislative session.

A motion to kill the bill -- by indefinitely postponing a request to conference with the Senate no a revised bill -- came up for a vote first, failing 173 to 202.

A motion to save the same-sex marriage bill -- by requesting a conference committee with the Senate to work out the changes -- passed on a 207 to 168 vote.

oommittee of seven members will now meet to see if it can work out a version of the new bill to satisfy everyone. The deadline for any legislative vote is June 25.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch was poised to sign the bill that sought to make it possible for LGBT couples in th"

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Anonymous said...

They should just let the Same-Sex Marriage to be in New Hampshire more than just voting on it. Now, we don`t have because our Gorverner John Linch or Concord, New Hampshire says no Same-Sex Marriage allowed in New Hampshire. Thats just not right. We need that and we deserved that right to have SameSex Marriage right. I just hope that the State of New hampshire does get Same-Sex Marriage back in the State of New Hampshire.