Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Indiana Voters Don"t support Marriage Ban

Indiana Voters Do Not Support Marriage Ban EDGE Boston :: News :: National

by Steve WeinsteinNew York Editor-In-ChiefTuesday Nov 27, 2007Support for a ban on same-sex marriage has dipped below 50 percent in a state that typifies the nation’s heartland. A survey conducted by the Indianapolis Star newspaper and WTHR, a local television station.The poll, which was based on 600 respondents, found that the number of Hoosiers who want to see a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages at only 49 percent. That number represents a drop of 7 percent from a similar poll taken a few years ago. The state’s Legislature has taken up such a ban, but it wasn’t voted into law; however, the lawmakers are expected to take it up again next year. The head of the state’s major gay -rights group, Indiana Equality, greeted the new poll with satisfaction, saying that it showed "the tide is turning." The counterpart at Advance America a conservative group forwarding the amendment, countered that the state’s voters still favored such a measure. Indiana joins 43 other states in already banning gay marriage. But 30 states have a constitutional amendment on the books. Supporters of gay marriage believe that the state’s voters are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues like property taxes, education, crime and job retention to worry about this issue.

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