Monday, November 26, 2007

Pastor wants marriage defined-

Pastor wants marriage defined-

Friday, November 23, 2007
VINELAND -- A local pastor has asked city council to send a resolution to the state Legislature defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman only.
City Council President John Barretta later said he would open the issue to the public for discussion at the next council meeting on Nov. 27, and bring the resolution to a vote on Dec. 11.
-->Chestnut Assembly of God's Rev. Ralph Snook addressed the council at Tuesday night's special meeting, asking them to "send a message" to state politicians as gay rights advocates and many state legislators are pushing for a Marriage Equality Law.
"It is an upsetting development, and unfortunate that they are choosing a lame duck session to bring the issue back up," said Snook. "I am asking you to influence the state legislature. All we want is for the issue to be placed on the state ballot for the people to decide."
The reverend expressed fears that "redefining" marriage would open doors to future laws recognizing polygamy and "relationships between adults and children."
However, Cathy Rabbai, a member of the Cumberland County Human Relations Commission, said the issue is about civil rights.
"Sometimes the fear we have of a certain group of people shackles us in our judgments," said Rabbai. "This is about civil rights, and gay couples having equal rights with straight couples."
Rabbai added that the fear of pedophila in regards to gay marriage is unfounded, as "most pedophiles have actually been heterosexual, and this is well documented."
The council discussed Snook's request at a work session following the special meeting.
According to City Solicitor Richard Tonetta, the resolution would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, while supporting the civil rights of gay couples entering into civil unions.
"I agree fully with the wording of the resolution, but I question our authority to make any real difference by passing it," said Councilman James Forcinito. "I disagree with the concept behind it. If it were to go to a vote, I'd vote for it, but, of course, it will be non-binding."
Councilwoman Barbara Sheftall recommended the issue be opened to public comment, as the resolution is sure to stir up debate.
"I think we need input from the public at large before we make a decision on this," said Sheftall. "People should have the opportunity to make a comment."
The New Jersey Legislature in December 2006 passed the Civil Union Act giving same-sex couples "substantially all of the rights and benefits of marriage," according to a formal opinion issued by state Attorney General Stuart Rabner in February.
The law also created the Civil Union Review Commission responsible for investigating how the law is being enforced. So far, thousands of same-sex couples who have entered into civil unions have reported they are still being denied benefits by their employers.
The commission in October conducted three hearings in which many stated they want the state legislature to pass a Marriage Equality Law.
Gov. Jon Corzine has previously stated, through spokesmen, he would sign such a law, and would take up the issue in 2009 in order to avoid the national spotlight during next year's presidential election.

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Anonymous said...

Lets start with the main issue people are using.As they call it rights. Civil rights.Whe people are tlkaing about law and thier right.In no matter what belief .One needs to stay centered and what we are,rather you believe in God or not.regardless we cannot deny natural law.What are these people really asking for.Is it not to bring careless chaos.Marriage- is the bonding of two partners.Natrually designed for eachother.ONe making up the incomplete part of the other.HOw does this work between a male and a male.A female and a female.It doesn't.there is obvious confusion.mebalance and no harmony.When they want to marry,they want children.And they can only go by unatural means to have a child.How can one explain .waisting the sperm to produce a child into a pile of waiste.How come everytime someone fights for gay rights.They have parsades where men need to wlak around in feathers and bikinis.Having sexual debase fantasys. Rights .What rights are rights.when you exspose a child to unantural things .What right do I have then.What rights do my children have to be protected.What rights are people asking for.when they want to take the rights of what is natural for others and their families.Their children.What rights are there to give .when in thier ownminds lack sight to the whole popualtion of humnity and its soundness of I have to live in fear .That some gay person is not going to grieve my fmaily by trying to turn my child gay.and if its not wrong.Then why are many grieved by it.When you fight for a right.a right should petition with laws of natural knowledge.This can only be won on the opposing side against gay marraige.Can a woman please a woman by nautral means.We are menat to fit like 2 halves of a puzzle.and a negative and a negative.Cannot place itself together.a positive and a positive cannot place itself together.They don't fit.We are disigned by God to fit together as one.Intelligence rules,ignorance fools.rights .Is never disgined for what one wants .Rights was designed.for protection against your neighbor.And protection for Gods honor.Who is designer of all that is natural .