Sunday, June 15, 2008

I DO video

Got this video from Tom At Thanks Tom The music is from larkin gayl On the eve of California's gay marriage Larkin Gayl dedicates her song "I Do" to same-sex marriage. The video is an extension of that sentiment.


tom said...

You're quite welcome Michael. The video is receiving a lot of attention. Once in awhile it's nice to be reminded everyone isn't against us.
When I saw that Larkin was dedicating the song I went and listened.
Something in me said there needs to be a video to go along with this so I went searching for pictures to include.
I found more pictures than needed and that in itself was a good feeling.

Jean Marie said...

Hi Michael,

What a great picture of you and Robert. I can't believe how things are unfolding. It is so exciting. - JM

tom said...

Michael, I've removed the video and I'm actually sorry I spent so much time putting it together.

My change of heart is due to Larkin Gayl's remarks on her myspace site.

After dedicating the song to same sex marriage she turns around and says she doesn't want the song to become known as the gay marriage song.

In other words, she wants our marketing power but she doesn't want to take the risk of being associated with gays.

tom said...

Hi Michael,
I felt guilty about removing the video so I made a new one. I think it's better but that's just my opinion.

Click here to grab the embed code and/or view the video.

tom said...

Due to some suggestions I have created an extended play version of the last video. I also made some audio changes.