Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silliness of Ad Attacking Gov. Paterson's stand on Marriage

My Opinon

This is a desperate attempt by the opposition and Maggie Gallaghers organzization to stop the momentum of acceptance of marriage for same sex couples. The NYS Legislature (as Maggie said they should) has weighed in. The Assembly—the “voice of the people”—has already voted FOR same-sex marriage. Plus the ad is silly,especially the last line, since those kids will already know who they have as parents,and they have a mommy and daddy. Why would they ask for what they have. Maggie give it up! Besides which the governor is simply a chief-executive instructing his department heads to inform him, by a certain date, as to how they will comply with a newly clarified, court-ordered policy ruled in the Martinez case in the fourth department. Mr. Paterson is guilty of nothing but responsible management. I like that in my chief executive.

Politics on the Hudson

The National Organization For Marriage plans to start running radio ads in New York City and in Albany and Rochester beginning tomorrow, ripping Gov. Paterson for beginning to recognize gay marriage in New York.
“So many people in New York have called us and phoned us and emailed us and demonstrated concern about Gov. Paterson’s unilateral decision to recognize same-sex marriage in New York, when the Supreme Court said it’s up to the Legislature,” said Maggie Gallagher, a Westchester County woman who is president of the organization, which opposes gay marriage.

The ad will run in New York City on WABC-AM; in Rochester on WHAM-AM; and in Albany on WGY-AM.

Here’s the ad, which begins and ends with a child’s voice and at the end says, “I want a mommy and a daddy.”

Here’s the script:
Grandma, my teacher says if grandpa was a girl it’s okay, you can still be married…
ANNCR: If we change the definition of marriage…
GIRL 1: God creating Adam and Eve? That was so old-fashioned…
ANNCR: Our kids will be taught a new way of thinking…
BOY 1: If my Dad married a man, who would be my mom?
ANNCR: This is an URGENT marriage alert!
Governor David Paterson just ordered state officials to use our tax dollars to help same sex couples evade New York’s marriage laws.
These are the same politicians who can’t figure out how to lower our taxes, or our gas prices, or fix our schools…but they have time to mess around with marriage! Marriage in New York means a man and a woman.
Go to and send Governor Paterson a message: Stop messing with marriage and get back to work! That’s
GIRL 2: I want a mommy and a daddy.

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