Tuesday, January 13, 2009

| APNewsBreak: Gay marriage issue looms in Maine

Fox 44 - Burlington and Plattsburgh News, Weather and Sports - Fox44.net | APNewsBreak: Gay marriage issue looms in Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - The House Republican leader in Maine is proposing to bolster the state's law restricting marriage to one man and one woman by making it a constitutional amendment, ensuring that gay marriage will be debated this legislative session.

Rep. Josh Tardy is expected to introduce the amendment. Legislation to allow gay marriage in Maine is also being introduced. As it stands, Maine has a domestic partnership registry that's open to gay couples.

Gay marriage is being debated elsewhere in the region.

In New Hampshire, a bill's been submitted to replace the term "civil union" with "marriage" in the state's 1-year-old civil union law. Vermont, the first state to recognize same-sex couples with its civil unions law, is now likely to consider a gay marriage bill.

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