Thursday, September 10, 2009

California to recognize out of state same-sex marriages - Lez Get Real

NOW will Arnold sign it??????

California to recognize out of state same-sex marriages - Lez Get Real

9/10/09-by Paula BrooksSacramento-state-capital-house1
Late yesterday the California State Legislature approved by a 23 to 14 vote, a bill that will require California to validate and recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state prior to November 5, 2008, when Proposition 8 ended same sex-marriage in the Golden State.

Senate Bill 54, authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), clarifes California family law to explicitly recognize marriages of same-sex couples performed out-of-state prior to November 5, 2008. The bill would also explicitly recognize marriages of same-sex couples performed out-of-state after that date as carrying all the same rights and responsibilities that spouses receive although without the designation of marriage.

“We are grateful that our elected leaders have passed this vital bill, which provides much needed clarity for same-sex couples married out of state who deserve to know where their families stand,” said Geoff Kors, Executive Director for Equality California in a statement, “Ultimately, however, restoring the freedom to marry is the only way to ensure that all Californians are treated with true equality under the law.”

In response to the Legislature’s approval of SB 54, the California Family Council also issued a statement:

The California Legislature’s majority continues its disregard for the expressed will of their constituents and the state Constitution which affirms traditional marriage’s definition. Article I, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution specifically states “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” SB 54 explicitly violates California’s Constitution.

“The Legislature’s approval of SB 54 demonstrates the Legislature’s contempt and lack of respect for their constituents,” stated Everett Rice CFC’s Legislative Coordinator. “In 2000 and 2008, the voters expressed their desire to protect traditional marriage at the ballot box. They emphatically affirmed that marriage should retain its historical definition and identity. Nonetheless, our elected representatives choose to yield to the demands of special-interest groups over the values of those who elected them.”

Senate Bill 54 will now go to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who will have an opportunity to sign the bill into law.


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